2 Windows 8 tips

Reading Macworld magazine at library, find out some useful Windows 8 tips.

Boot into Desktop without using any 3rd party apps

Search “Task Scheduler“, right-click “Task Scheduler Library" on left panel to create new task. Give it a name, say “Boot to desktop". At trigger tab, choose New.. At log on. At Actions tab, choose New.. enter “explorer" at program/script:

Save it. The next time when you log on, it will go directly into desktop instead of Start menu.

Shutdown icon

Right click on desktop, choose New>shortcut. Enter “shutdown /s /t 0" as the location, click next, name the shortcut and save.

Right click shortcut and pin to start menu. The computer will shutdown by just clicking the icon on desktop or start menu.


Enjoy! Share if you like it. And share your tips with me. 😉

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