2 Windows 8 tips

Reading Macworld magazine at library, find out some useful Windows 8 tips.

Boot into Desktop without using any 3rd party apps

Search “Task Scheduler“, right-click “Task Scheduler Library" on left panel to create new task. Give it a name, say “Boot to desktop". At trigger tab, choose New.. At log on. At Actions tab, choose New.. enter “explorer" at program/script:

Save it. The next time when you log on, it will go directly into desktop instead of Start menu.

Shutdown icon

Right click on desktop, choose New>shortcut. Enter “shutdown /s /t 0" as the location, click next, name the shortcut and save.

Right click shortcut and pin to start menu. The computer will shutdown by just clicking the icon on desktop or start menu.


Enjoy! Share if you like it. And share your tips with me. 😉

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Windows 8 File History

電腦備份係必要的動作,但吾明白點解好多人無做。以前可能覺得煩,但現在連 Microsoft Windows 8 都提供了 File History 這種簡單自動的備份方法,真係無理由吾用。

Mac OS X 的 Time Machine 近似,插一隻外置硬碟,系統便會每小時備份更新了的檔案,全自動,就係咁簡單。



感謝網友的提醒,Mac OS X 除了 Time Machine,仲有 Auto Save & Versions 的功能。簡單點解釋就係自動儲存及會記錄舊版本,加上自動備份功能。如果想知詳細資料,可到蘋果網站查閱。